Nulink Wireless, LLC

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" Wireless network access for the people & the information of the world."


Welcome to
Nulink Wireless, LLC.

Nulink Wireless, LLC is an independent information
technology company working to fulfill the Information
and Communication Technology (ICT) needs of:

* U.S. & International Businesses.
* Federal, State, & Local Government.
* Non Government & Non Profit Organizations.
* Communities using ICT for development.

We provide quality:

* Information Technology & Security Research.
* Telework Agreement Services.
* Information Security Audits.
* Information Technology Service & Support.
* Equipment Inventory Services.
* Infrastructure Inspection Services.

We can perform our technical services at customer
sites within the U.S., offshore and internationally.

Nulink Wireless, LLC and its staff are:

* Information Security Trained.
* State & Government Registered.
* eBusiness & eCommerce Compliant.
* FCC Wireless Radio Licensed.
* Professionally Certified.